Intaglio Editions
Polymer Photogravure Plate Services

Full Service Premium Photogravure Plate (8 x 11")

This service packages includes layout work required to fit multiple images on one plate and cutting. Note that plate cuts are only guaranteed to come within 1/16". If greater precision is required for multiple-plate registration let us know. This plate is editioning-quality. If tonal precision is critical, be sure to proof using our Economy Proofing Plates BEFORE editioning!

8 x 11" Premium Photogravure Plate
Custom made from your computer files
Including Layout and up to 6 cuts:
Plate: $250
Layout: $50
Cutting: $50
Shipping & Handling: $25

Total: $375

Intaglio Editions welcomes Visa and Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard Accepted

Standard turn-around time is 1-2 weeks. 48-hour Delivery available for a 25% Rush Fee. Money-back guarantee if not delighted!

Intaglio Editions
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Boulder, CO 80308-2785

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