Intaglio Editions

Examples of Printing Intaglio Photogravure

Standard Intaglio Photogravure Print on Heavy Paper

Standard intaglio printing involves one pass through the press onto dampened fine art paper.

Dogwood Softness - By Jon Lybrook
Dogwood Softness by Jon Lybrook

Intaglio Photogravure Print on Japanese Washi paper

Colored ink and delicate, amber, asian papers may also be used with this process.

Prints by David Brookover
"Inseparable" and "Stepping Through The Monastery" by David Brookover

Chine Colle Print

Chine Colle is the application of carefully cut, thin, colored paper to the print creating background colors or tone.

By Jon Lybrook
"Mandala" by Tony Johnson

Multiple Plate Print

Using multiple plates next to one another can add visual breaks in continuity for a more interesting print.

Flocking by Angela Faris Belt
Flocking - by Angela Faris Belt


By applying different colored inks in selected areas of the plate, hand-coloring is possible. A print made by locally applying ink with a dobber is utilizing the French technique a la poupee, or "little dollies". This technique can work well for line art, or abstract images.

Untitled - By Gary Oakley
Photograph by Gary Oakley

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