Intaglio Editions

Polymer Photogravure Platemaking Services

Experience a quantum-leap in the quality of your printmaking with Intaglio Editions plates and printmaking services. Intaglio Editions has been breaking ground with science-based, polymer plate production for photogravure since 2006. We do the hard part, allowing your work to shine through.

We offer our Premium Photogravure polymer plates for printmakers wanting to print the work themselves. Printing according to our recommendations will produce the best results.

A New Way to Print Traditional Photogravure

Proofing ensures consistency in our work as traditional printmakers. Our custom stochastic screen and production workflow guarantee smoother, continuous tones from our plates, but require much greater pressure on the press. Paper containing a little less sizing, and less ink modifiers than traditional printmakers may be using currently may be required to get the best quality photogravure prints commercially available from our plates.

More Affordable than Copper Photogravure

Traditional copper plate photogravure is beautiful and at its very best can be superior to polymer, both in terms of tonal range and the number of possible impressions. But do you really need 1000 prints made? Intaglio Editions Polymer Photogravure Premium plates can be 10 times less expensive than the traditional route. In most cases it is as beautiful if not more so, depending on the quality of the artwork, platemaker, printmaker, and materials used.

We can make large polymer photogravure plates up to 23 x 33".

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