Intaglio Editions

Why Edition your Art and Photography in Polymer Photogravure?

Photogravure prints are available with image size as large as 23x39

Handmade Prints are Genuine Works of Art

Whether you work in photography, graphite, or paint, editioning your work in photogravure ensures each print is truly one of a kind. Each print is handmade to your specifications through a tried and true proofing process that goes back hundreds of years. Working directly with our expert printmaking staff will help create and sell work that is to your standards of excellence.

Versatility in Design and Craftsmanship

Handmade, traditional intaglio prints can be made in many different ways employing hundreds of years of techniques to command authentic distinction (and top dollar) for your work.

Archivally Superior

Unlike inkjet or photosensitive print methods, photogravure prints by Intaglio Editions are chemically neutral. Using only the finest oil-based inks and acid-free paper there is nothing inherent in the process that will deteriorate the printed image. Very few methods of printing a photographic image will provide the same handmade beauty and permanence.

Polymer is More Affordable than Copper Photogravure

Traditional copper plate photogravure is beautiful and at its best can be superior to polymer, both in terms of tonal range and the number of possible impressions. But do you really need to pay for durability allowing for 1000 prints to be made from a single plate? Even to purists, it doesn't make sense. Intaglio Editions photogravure fine printmaking using polymer can be as much as 10 times less expensive than the traditional route. In most cases it is as beautiful if not moreso depending on the platemaker and printer.

Process, Sizes and Media

Intaglio Editions accepts files submitted via the internet. Check out our file recommendations here. Our intaglio platemaking process employs a custom process using a fine dot aquatint screen on polymer plates to faithfully reproduce your continuous tone photographs and artwork. Current, technical information by Jon Lybrook about our plate and printing processes is available on our site for free, and has been since 2006.

Images may be up to 23x39".

We generally recommend printing on Magnani Revere, Hahnemuhl Warm or Bright White Copperplate archival papers. Other types of paper may be used upon request.

Call us at (303) 818-5187 or E-mail to discuss your project today.

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