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Printmaking Techniques: Video Tutorial Transcripts

Within each type of printmaking there are sometimes hundreds of different tricks of the trade one needs to know to master a particular printmaking technique. Intaglio printmaking is a superset of photogravure, a highly toxic method of copper etching. While more costly to do, etching copper has its own benefits as well as costs that make it unique. Our research and development in producing highly photographic photogravure plates from polymer aims to create photogravure quality at a fraction of the cost.

So you can learn more about how we make intaglio prints from our printing plates, and what makes them unique, we've made the transcripts of our printmaking techniques video available below for your reference.

Photogravure Platemaking Services for Printmakers with Intaglio Editions

Printmaking Steps:

Preparing the Plate

Mixing the Ink

Brayering and Wiping the Plate

Wiping The Intaglio Plate's Edges

Preparing the Paper

Making the Print

Cleaning the Plate

You can also get access to free polymer plate making instructions from Intaglio Editions' own Jon Lybrook for help with making your own polymer photogravure plates!

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